Some Amazing Benefits of Juicing

juicing benefits photo Photo by Food Thinkers

It’s very likely you have already heard of some of the benefits of juicing. Many people are now juicing their fruits and vegetables together to quickly and effortlessly ingest them very quickly, getting the maximum about of nutritional value from their food.

Some of the benefits of juicing are that it allows the immediate digestion of nutrients info your blood stream and therefore your body can use these nutrients immediately.  When you compare that to eating your fruits and vegetables your body has to first break them down before the nutrients can be absorbed by your body. When eating fruits and veggies whole sometimes not all the nutrients will be extracted and so you won’t get the same benefit as opposed to juicing.

If there are some fruits and veggies that you don’t really like eating you can juice them with other things and you usually will not even be able to tell you put that into your juicer. This is great for high nutritional foods (super foods) that you wouldn’t normally eat. When you combine them together with other tasty foods you will be getting the maximum benefits from your juicing efforts.

When it comes to juicing many experts believe that it takes your body less energy to digest the juiced super foods. Did you know that juicing has been found to raise pH levels in the body? This can be a contributing factor in the prevention of some chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.

It’s important to note that one should rely on juicing as the only method to taking in their daily intake of nutrition. Your body also needs good sources of protein and carbohydrates to say lean and fit. If you have any questions about juicing you should consult with your physician before going forward with changing your diet.